Thursday, June 29

New blog

Knitting with cats broke - I emailed the blog help and my DH took a googly look at the code but there was nothing to be done without yelling at the tech support who were very careful not to pay attention to my plight. I am reopening in this new space with a different name but the same content: cats and yarn.

Katzundyarner Bits: Katzenjammer Kids. Get it?

The post that I tried to put up was all about the new header that D#2's boyfriend built for me, as a thank-you for his graduation gift. I really liked the header - there was the blog title superimposed on 4 squares of pictures of knitting and 2 of the cats. I hestitate to copy the content because I'm not sure if it was the photos or the new header. I'm pretty sure it's the header because I didn't see him upload it and he probably broke a window or something. So Oz and Dingle will have to dwell in cyberspace but below are my photos.

My present to him:


Back to yarn later.

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