Saturday, November 1

Mitered hanging towel in situ

I would be too embarrassed to show the towel in vivo.

Another enjoyable knit from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. Mitered squares keep my interest because I am full of anticipation for the work: knit to the marker, slip, take care of the little job, slip the marker, continue on. Then it's all business back to the beginning. Worry, remember to decrease, keep on movin' on, return to the start. Do it all over again.

Knitting the handle made me hungry for a piece of toffee. Camel (Peaches & Cream).

Button from my heirloom fruitcake tin of buttons.

Note to self and others. The varigated yarn (Sugar and Cream, Painted Desert) did not have sufficient yardage for the full MDKOL pattern so I began the contrasting color early. I have plans to make more, specifically a towel with all P/C yarn.

Which means I need more yarn.

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