Wednesday, January 8

Knitting snacks

I've spent a lot of time at home lately.  First, Christmas vacation which meant decorations and baking and making decorations.  Then the weather!  DD#2 was born when the old records were set in 1988 so once I made that connection, it's been fascinating keeping track of the very low highs.

Inevitably, there will be snacking.  I do eat a lot but this has been about unconscious knitting.  Kay Gardiner blogged about how ragged her dish cloths have become from every day use.  Mine as well - I plan to repurpose them as weed cloth once our community garden gets going in the spring.

We all jumped on the warshrag band wagon a couple years ago and happily knit away with the cotton yarn to make piles of dish cloths until our drawers overflowed.  Now they need to be replaced.

Ravelry!  I have a small supply of Sugar n Spice and Peaches and Cream.


I gravitate towards the variegated color ways but I don't like the pooling that happens with knitting flat, back and forth.  Dish cloths should not be so precious as to alternate skeins of variegated yarn to create a consistent color. To solve that dilemma, I found a round dishcloth that uses short rows in its rays, or petals, to distribute the color.  

Voila!  Round dishcloth, a free pattern by Amy Carpenter.  So, so easy; so, so quick.  I can make one in about 2 hours.

Details: 1 skein of either Sugar n Cream or Peaches and Cream, size 7 needle (circular, as it happens).  

Funny difference between the two brands:  Ravelry says that Sugar n Cream comes in at 97 yards (the yardage has always been missing from the ball band) and you can get 1 large dishcloth out of a single skein with just a tiny bit left over (CO 21 stitches).  Peaches and Cream has approximately 95 yards.  Those 2 fewer yards means you need to make the cloth smaller (as with Psychedelic, CO 19 stitches, but you still have a significant amount left) or add a design element of surprise (the Good Earth cloth below combined with peach melba surprise).  There are more than 900 examples on Ravelry and I have to say I really do prefer the single variegated colorway.  The mix and match look with this pattern is clunky.

Now I have a short stack of new dishcloths and I might give some away.

You might notice a dearth of my favored varigated yarn in the box above.  I think there must be another bag hiding in the yarn closet.  But I was at the store this past weekend and found that a cone of cotton is a very economical buy.  A single skein is $1.47 but the cone is $7.97!  I wonder how many dishcloths could I get out of a cone?  Madness -

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