Wednesday, March 18

What is the Brooklyn College mascot?

And what are the school colors? I need to find out because DD#3 got a full-tuition scholarship, a one-time travel grant, and a laptop for being admitted to the Macaulay Honors College! That deserves an afghan.

Tuesday, March 3

The high school afghans

When DD#1 graduated, she had a couple of good friends throughout high school that I felt needed an afghan for college. This was in 2003 and I might not have been knitting again. I'm pretty sure I crocheted the afghans. All of the group have graduated and two (women) are back in the area. DD#1 has seen at least one afghan in the grown-up apartment.

DD#2 had a boyfriend - he also got a crocheted afghan that I featured on this blog. She let her other good friends fall away.

DD#3 did not want me to make felted slippers for a good friend who graduated last year. I thought she might not want me to make an afghan for friends who will graduate with her this year so I made plans to make an afghan for cousin Katie - the Tree of Life Afghan was done to this stage probably last fall - it's pretty far down the 2008 list in the right bar. That's planning! I don't know when the Northeastern school district graduates but I have to believe I'm ahead of the game.

I need to knit an edging of tulip buds/leaves. On paper this seems interminable so I have put it off until last week. I won't be able to memorize the pattern but there is a certain intuitive feel as the pattern comes to a point so it moves pretty quickly.

Then I decided DD#3 does not get to choose whether or not her friend gets an afghan. EZ created a pattern that might turn out OK - sure, there is definitely assembly but I've modified this to a three-needle bind-off. There will be a multitude of ends to weave in - what you see in the picture below are strings of cotton holding the stitches until I mate another square. I picked a washable wool in a color combination in reality (eggplant and plum) that I like - DD#3 thinks Camilla will like it as well.

I will try to remember to take final (better) photos before they are wrapped and given away.

Sunday, March 1

Permission to knit early and often

Knit anything and everything you want . . .
Vicki Square, Interweave Knits Spring 2009

There ya go - project monogamy is boring. I can knit anything I want, any time I want. Am I a grown-up?

I started the Lady February Sweater on my brother's birthday, when everyone else in the country was celebrating Abe Lincoln's birthday. I bought sale yarn at Loopy Yarns last summer, determined to buy the yarn but knowing there is not quite enough for a sweater. 7 skeins, 110 yds each. Oh hope springs eternal. I cast on for LF anyway, because I liked the look of the varigated yarn that the Yarn Harlot used.

When there were two skeins left and the body was not yet to my waist and the sleeves only figments of my (optimistic) imagination, I bought two more skeins on eBay (woo hoo, same dye lot) but at a make-an-offer price, mainly to cut the postage cost. Errgh - why didn't I buy all 5 skeins she had? Actually, I think the yarn gremlins have secreted away a skein, as per usual.

I am knitting from both ends of my last skein to see how long the sleeves can get (using the scientific method of squishing the skein in my hand to gauge the volume makes me think there is a good 50% left still). I have an emergency color to finish the sleeves, if I can't get them past my elbow. Some of the 4000+ versions on Ravelry are short-sleeved but I'm just not into that.

Oh, and a secret I have found out about Ravelry? Just like in all catalogues, check the size in the picture. A very many are XXS which make the look very different for sizes more along the norm.

Liberty afghan continues. I want to finish the first repeat before I post an update on Ravelry. Because then I can claim it to be 20% complete. 5 repeats total, one done - you know. Even with this one motif complete, there are about 20 more rows to go -

Then there are the Scandinavian socks. One down - as cushy as I expected and as too big as I thought so they have been assigned to DD#1.

She really hopes I finish this pair, unlike the Christmas 2007 pair. I should frog the Christmas sock and 1/2.

I'm not considering this project promiscuity, just following where my interest takes me. I also have my recent cashmere purchase that I thought would be a neckwarmer . . . the temps are supposed to be in the 50s this week so there might be external factors keeping my knitting on the straight and narrow.

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