Monday, December 29

My new year's resolution

I resolve to knit more in 2009. No, I resolve to finish more in 2009. That might reduce the number of bags and baskets in the living room.

And bags, baskets, and boxes in the bedroom.

The corollary is that I have to start fewer projects. And buy less yarn.

Projects listed under "Und Yarnerbits 2008" that will carry over into 2009 will be

Fireside Stocking: the bloom fell off the rose as Christmas drew nearer and other projects took my time. I finished the Jerry stocking by Christmas #2 so I feel like I haven't missed any deadline.

Yank: seems to be living up to its burly name and developed some biceps. Although they are sewn in, I can see I need to rip, tink, and then knit again with a smaller needle. I am a little worried that I underestimated my size, given that Ann made a large but sure is smaller than me.

Liberty afghan: I'm afraid this is such a pile of yarn that I have to clear out other piles before it can move to the front. In the meantime, I manage a row or two occasionally before going to bed. It currently resides behind the bedroom door. DH found the behind the door stash about a month ago (a paltry 3 bags full).

Tree of Life afghan: faces a hard high school graduation deadline of late May. I just need to knit the border and attach it. This project will be joined by another high school graduation afghan that so far is only in my head.

My fall back plan is that if DD#3 goes to college, I can store/hide the piles in another closet.

Sunday, December 14

Knitting on the Christmas tree

This is as much of a tree that the family will let me have. If I wasn't getting the full 7' of tree, I hesitate to get out all the boxes of ornaments from the hall closet. They are piled high and come out in a carefully considered manner. On the tree are those ornaments lying around the house, including, not because I missed them in the packing up last year but because I ordered them in Oct, is the full set of Franklin Habit ornaments. They seem to be sold-out on so wait to see what he comes up with for the 2009 version -

The red and gold balls are some of the ornaments that Julie made this year. From clear balls to opulence. I just love them.

With such a small tree, I guess my job is easy. There is not much room for presents underneath.

Tuesday, December 9

The stockings will be hung by the chimney with care

Here is the Jerry stocking - Schoolhouse Press Knit-Along #1.

I made this for the DH who refuses to wear knits of any kind as they make him too warm. What is a knitter to do? A Christmas stocking, to be brought out and placed on the mantle for goodies from Santa Claus. DH has nothing but overboiled resentment for the time and concentration this took.

KnitPicks Palette (ivy, red, cream), size 3 needles.

And one for me - the Fireside Stocking - Kate Gilbert, Interweave Holidays 2007. Made as part of the class offered by Nana's Knitting Shop.

Cascade 220, size 6 needles.

Once I got the colors within range of what I wanted, this became an exciting project. The temptation is to keep going through the rounds to see the gradient but I had to put it aside for a bit in order to make the mittens (see below).

I'm not a fan of the yellow through the first set of red snowflakes so I won't repeat that going up the leg.

Monday, December 1

Please, may I have some more?

My favorite blog has become as still as mine. Maybe if I post some knitting, I will get some in return.

Made another mitered square hanging towel. The yarn turned out to be more pastel than I thought. Evocative of a candy necklace.

Bought this at Books a Million (DuPont Circle) and made these in hand-dyed yarn (Green Apple) that I bought at YarnCon 2007. The socks are currently in the wash (in the lingerie bag on cold with the jeans).

I thought I would make 10 pairs of mittens for the church sale on December 6. I should have found 9 other people to make one pair each. Tooo boring, even when I mixed it up.

Top down mittens. Can you guess which one was first? This is the BEST way to make mittens. Just like top up socks but, you know, a thumb and no heel. Wool-Ease, paprika on size 4 dpn.

Started these on the plane. Combination of Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns and the vintage Scandinavian Snow Sets by Kajsa Lindquist. These will definitely go to the St. Thomas Christmas Bazaar on Saturday. I think I can finish the thumb. Wool-Ease green and wheat, size 4 dpn.

Not so sure about these. A bit idiosyncratic, even when made according to the instructions. Wool-Ease grey and purple, size 4/5 dpn.

There is a lot more where that came from. I haven't been blogging but I have been knitting.

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