Sunday, April 5

Just the katz

I think there were a couple days when I wasn't knitting. I know there were a couple Saturdays when I was not in Chicago, called by familial duty to attend to the elders.

Each day when I get home for work, before I can think of settling down with my needles, I head straight to the van because I found some more kitties about two blocks south of me, living around abandoned and renovating buildings. Please be assured that these cats will not end up in our household. Feral cats cannot be socialized to be a regular, lap-jumping, purring pet. These are outside, street cats who will live a more settled life if fed on a regular basis, and are neutered or spayed. All these photos are taken with the zoom lens.


Unnamed, one of Eddie's black cats


The group at hydeparkcats has been busy with the TNR (trap, neuter, release). We have trapped 6 cats so far: also Little Buddy, Rachel/Finzi, Rachamim and Nimr (there is an affinity for Jewish theologians and Hebrew in the group - I was going with R1, R2, R3, etc). Only Rachel is a female but even so, we have prevented, over time, approximately 200,000 cats from roaming the streets. I need to urge Eddie, a man I have known in the neighborhood for about 20 years, that his little colony of all-blacks also need to be fixed. He likes the kittens.

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