Tuesday, August 28

Coffee and cake

I went to Julie's house this morning to pick up my prize, a cake tape measure. I took advantage of my close proximity and looked through them all and picked the one I liked best. See how it has Christmas ivy on the sides?

We talked of knitting needles and camping trips, of frosting and gypsies. I brought my knitting bag and had a one-on-one show and tell.

To be felted into pot holders for Christmas presents:

Renditions of Magic Friends (Knitter's Stash) for the STA Christmas bazaar:

and, you know,

We discussed my dissatisfaction with the puffiness of my ballband warshrag (it's not puffy at all) and finally decided that's the way it will be. I thought I had gone down a needle size or two but apparently only in my mind. This one was done on 4.5, just as the instructions require. My warshrags will always look like this.

I forgot to bring my mittens. Just a thumb to go on the right mitten and I'll get that done before heading north this afternoon.

Seeing them side by side, I recognize the haste I felt with mitten #1. I guess this one will go north with me after all so they aren't such fraternal mittens.

BTW, I am taking these pictures on my dining table and buffet which were yesterday's project. The detritus of years have been cleaned away; shredded or put in it's proper place, which in some cases turned out to be the garbage. Although we moved the buffet in last summer, she inherited some of the piles of its predecessor, the bookcase. For instance, I found correspondence with DD#3's elementary school (2001).

As Lene writes, the fall is the start of my year as well. Being tied to the academic year in my personal life and professional life, this is inevitable. Before leaving Julie's, I confessed I found critters in the flour so next on my list was to clean out the pantry. Julie grew up with a biannual chore of cleaning cupboards, wiping shelves, and throwing away expired food. In my family, biennial was too often. So using this rule of thumb (I have to have a rule of thumb to guide my way), I threw out all expired food. Yessir, yessir, three bags full. There are no pictures, but let's just say I have saved my survivors some work. And my survivors know what I mean.

Friday, August 17

Converse 5K

I am not a runner but I will take pictures of people who run. DH and DD#3 ran the Converse 5K to honor the memory of the hometown:

The gathering (some of these people are walkers):

Half-way there:




I was sweating just watching them.

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