Sunday, January 8

A new knitting target

My husband is averse to everything handmade - the supplies, my time and attention, the clutter mid-project. That is an interesting characteristic considering the economics of our early, middle and latest married life. One of his many rules (always eat breakfast; get in a work-out every day; never exceed the speed limit; diet Coke is a staple) is that he prefers not to wear knitwear because he gets too hot. Just go with this sketch - don't try to argue counter-point.

So imagine my surprise when he suggested he needed a scarf. He is still deeply resentful of the Christmas stocking I made him a couple years ago (how else can a knitting wife shower such a dear one with love?). I have a feeling he was put-out by the knitting I was knocking back for the church sale - or again, just go with it. This is what I made:

Mission Falls 1824 (washable), sadly discontinued by a yarn company out of business, bought at a now-shuttered LYS (an additional irony is that he accompanied me to the sidewalk sale where I bought this yarn; I'm sure the 60% discount appealed to him). Knit lengthwise over 200 stitches, long enough for him but not the requisite length for the au couture loop at the neck. Maybe one color too wide.

He has already worn the scarf during the cold snap that hit Chicago last week. It's safely in the closet until the temperature drops to 20 degrees again.

One of my rules is strike while the iron's hot so today I suggested he might like some handknit socks. Apparently they would be too thick for his shoes. I'll try again later.

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