Sunday, May 1


I used to compile a huge report each year in my previous job. I celebrated the end of the project when I put the page numbers on each page. Up to 300 pages, I printed the separate files starting the page numbers where the previous file left off, sometimes running form pages through the manual feed. Tedious work but satisfying to be handling the project one last time and seeing it all put in order.

I don't have to run these reports anymore, all that experience being aimed at other bits of academic administrivia. Not to worry, I found a counterpart in knitting - I-cord bind off.

The baby afghan is done - I got to handle the knitting one more time. With live afghan stitches on the left needle, cast on three stitches, knit two, knit the third stitch with the first afghan stitch; slip all three stitches back onto the left-hand needle. I don't know how many stitches there are in the edging. Maybe 300.

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