Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 13

And one stocking at the mantel

Two of the daughters don't want a Christmas tree this year. We are a bit cramped but we always managed before. As DD#2 isn't home with a boyfriend to put it all together, I will accede to no tree this year. I could have put these ornaments on it:

Some Christmas Fiddle Faddle done in cotton thread, some snowflakes from Knitted Snowflakes (Jeanette Crews Designs).

But I can still decorate:

At my office:

On the door:

At the window:

And I will put one stocking on the mantel:

So that means Santa Claus won't have much to fill this year.

Saturday, December 8

The menorah pillow!

I have to post this before it becomes Hanukkah present #8:


and deconstructed:

Three-needle bind-off on the top:

Which was tedious so I soon moved on to a crochet hook:

And what to do about all these ends - you know, the ends are invisible when the pillow is all put together.

Final step:

There are 4 buttonholes on the back. Do I conquer I-cord to make the knots that are in the directions,

go through my heirloom tin of buttons. The pillow cover is machine-washable but not if I put use these old buttons.

or go with new buttons.


Menorah pillow, Handknit Holidays produced by Melanie Falick, made in Heirloom, shade 725, by Australian Yarn Company, purchased from The Yarn Exchange, DeKalb IL.

Edited to add: I found reference to not finishing this pillow in time for gift-giving the previous year all the way to the bottom of this archive. Obviously this has been on my mind.

Tuesday, December 4

Gifts retroactively

I am a bad gift giver. I made Peggy socks one year and after that I just couldn't muster the energy - another year I made shortbread. She doesn't celebrate Christmas but she is always very good about giving presents. This year I am celebrating Hanukkah for her.

Picture the yarn as ballband warshrags. A vivid pink/pink sherbet combo and another in maroon, variegated blue with a dash of sunshine. That was the present today.

Day 2 - 4: a felted oven mitt in tribute to Da Bears, potholders from the STA Holiday Expo, socks that I made coincidentally on two circulars (I mean at the same time, not as it happens). Julie made the ornaments for the holiday expo. I priced them very reasonably and bought two. April bought one also. I'm not giving the ornaments as Hanukkah gifts.

I know there are 8 days. I have mittens on my list. Two more days are Saturday/Sunday. I'm thinking some baked goods to take along - but I really like this box.

Day 8 has to be the menorah pillow. That's the albatross around my neck. I need to find a pillow form, fabric for the back, and the time/energy to sew it up. I think the best present is supposed to be first. As I'm not a card-carrying Jew, I'm saving the best for last. This way I have more time to procrastinate. As if 2 years hasn't been enough.

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