Wednesday, December 30

Baby knitting

There have been a flurry of stork wings - not here, but elsewhere, among young people who are starting on THAT ROAD of parenthood, full of joy and misery. We can't tell them that. Instead, we send handknits to cloak the wee ones in love.

The Hap Blanket, from Whimsical Little Knits by Ysolde Teague, for Jane Lydia. Variation using smaller weight yarn but cleared out a bag from the closet. 100% wool because the new mom is of the sisterhood and will not dump the blanket in with the t-shirts. There is also a cat in the household so my resident cats borrowing the blanket will not be a problem.

My favorite baby sweater, using some favorite needles bought in the UK. Little pink socks for Natasha Isabel as well. All machine-washable because although this is the first child and grandchild on one side, mom is a lawyer and dad is a research scientist. I suspect they have a front-loader.

Elijah will be for Ramiro, the 2nd boy in his family. As the second, same-sex child, though not born exactly at the same time of year, there is not the same immediate need to get presents sent his way. But big brother does not have a stuffed elephant, I am pretty sure.

Thursday, December 24

Merry Christmas

The perfect ornament on the tree -

Knitting reports to continue after the presents are open.

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