Tuesday, October 23

Knitting clutter in the autumn

Even though I haven't posted since March, I continue to think endlessly of knitting. And knitting clutter.

To those who are so unfortunate as not to knit, knitting clutter might look like this

coffee table holding yarn, needles, scissors.

futon holding knitting book, measuring tape, finished projects.

Knitting objects on every flat surface not already being used as a seat. Oh wait, this is a seat though no one with two legs sits here because DH thinks there should not be a TV in the bedroom.

Loveseat in the bedroom holding yarn, project bag and throw pillow.

No, knitting clutter for me is unfinished projects. Filling up the drawer, taking up bags, piling up in my mind while I wish to begin a Significant Project.

I've made a start on the list

Baby Sweater for the future

afghans for Afghans 2009

Pulling a UFO out of the pile can be very rewarding. The project is already done to a certain point. Hopefully picking up the afghan, or the afghan, or the wrap or the Christmas stocking or the other afghan, I can feel the excitement of the start, though in the middle, instead of the boredom of the middle at the new start. What will be next?

Mystery afghan (Mission Falls, Loopy Yarns, 2009)

Liberty Afghan (Cascade 220, Loopy Yarns, MDK2 book signing in Chicago)

Corner 2 corner (Plymouth baby alpaca, gift from dear friend)

Kate Gilbert Christmas Stocking (Cascade 220, Nana's Knits workshop)

Mitered Cross (Brown Sheep Lanaloft, Brown Sheep Nature's Spun, and Cascade 220 bit and bobs)

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