Thursday, January 20

The knitting and cats endure

It's been so long that somehow I have acquired some followers and I didn't know it! I hope they all like knitting and cats. Maybe if I don't make eye contact they will stick around.

After I posted the previous entry in August, planning to regale you with my vacation knitting in future posts, my work life exploded. Let's just say when someone asks you to apply for a job, it isn't because they want to get rid of you. However, my quiet life taking care of 75 graduate students is over and taking care of 450 takes a lot more of my time. There are many talented administrators but there are plenty of ways student records can get in a tangle and there you are - 5 months later.

One of an extremely comfortable pair of socks. 3x1 rib, No Sheep for You in gift sock yarn.

Here is a good looking toe

Some of that vacation knitting I didn't blog about:

And finally, the cats - TJ was trapped by a really nice guy but he couldn't convince TJ to spend his life inside.

He bolted on down the stairs even though the ground is covered with snow.

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