Tuesday, November 21

Worldwide knitting

The only knitting in this blog is in my mind. I have knit in the UK, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (the last 2 are on the world map instead of the US map):

create your own visited countries map

And a great many of these states as well:

create your own visited states map

Go to this page to record your own adventures.

Thursday, November 16

The office after hours

My hunch was right - you can work the first narrow band on the circle of fun rug by knitting it directly to the pie section - early luck, that I seem to have picked up stitches in an even fashion. Scottie tells me that I don't have any puckers.

I have been having fun knitting articles that aren't clothing - maybe because, as Ann Shayne mentions in her chapter introducing the home projects in Mason Dixon Knitting, my house doesn't complain about what I put on her to wear. Here is my one felted box, on duty at Halloween:

I plan to keep washing the box until I get the felted look I want.

Dingle and Lupin are curious about the invasion of the newly knitted,

but soon assilimate the new resident

I would throw this Kitty Pi bed in the washer but I am at the office where DD#3 has to use the Dell as our dial-up is on the fritz. Her science fair project is due tomorrow.

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