Thursday, February 7

A small diversion

I have wanted to make this sweater for awhile.

I first heard of the pattern during Wendy's Summer of Socks. At some point she took a break and made an adult-sized pinwheel sweater. A picture of the sweater with the free pattern by Elann is here. The sweater is made in one piece, which satisfies the prime directive. I added a simple crochet trim. The child's size should span infancy to toddlerdom, great economy for the time it takes to knit (all of Saturday and Sunday), but I made this little jewel with Plymouth Encore DK which did not match gauge. This sweater will fit baby Margaret through the summer I hope, an improvement on the original sweater I made for her last spring which was outgrown before I returned to assembling it. I plan to attach the second sleeve and give this original sweater to a new mother whose baby was born last weekend.

This little pinwheel sweater was a small diversion from my main project: the Bog Jacket knit from the top down. I ran into a problem connecting the arms and body so I have decided to knit the two parts separately. As I might run out of yarn, I plan to attach the two pieces in sort of an i-cord seam. We will see.

Saturday, February 2

The many stitches of love

Some people in Nebraska don't knit. They make quilts. I brought one back for me:

and one for my sister Margo:

There are many similiarities with knitting: these are made for warmth, there is a broad range of creativity, the project can be a stash-buster (or not). She who dies with the most (fabric) wins!

But think of the stitch count. In the Winter 2008 Schoolhouse Press newsletter, there is an estimate of the number of stitches in a BSJ. My quilt is about 68x82 with quilting every 1 inch; Margo's is more like 88x108. The quick-minded can calculate the number of stitches, made with needle and thread. Then there is the applique, the stitches holding the flowers and the blocks together, and throw in the embroidery for extra credit. Stitches made with love, every one of them.

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