Tuesday, October 20

A sweater and a pair of mittens

Soon to be on their way to San Francisco and eventually to Afghanistan. The sweater was started for this latest youth campaign. The mittens were offered at the church Christmas bazaar last year but there were not takers. A child in Afghanistan is a worthy substitute.

Now back to the Clapotis. My dislike for the number 13 has bit me in the butt - should have continued to read the rest of the instructions. I didn't need to omit a stripe because there are more stripes after the 13th. Ergh. Will have to further modify so my first modification makes (other) sense.

Monday, October 19

The poem is knit

and it turns out to be "My Craft or Sullen Art" by Dylan Thomas. Abridged below, with respect to any pertinent copyright law.

In my craft or sullen art
Exercised in the still night
When only the moon rages
And the lovers lie abed
With all their griefs in their arms,

//I write poetry not for rude cash or vulgar fame but to appeal to the better angels of their being//

Not for the proud man apart
From the raging moon I write
On these spindrift pages

//not for the dead to celebrate their life//

But for the lovers, their arms
Round the griefs of the ages,
Who pay no praise or wages
Nor heed my craft or art.

I wish I had named my blog, "On these spindrift pages."

Hyde Park trivia: Dylan Thomas drank and was drunk at Jimmy's.

Pictures of creating and on display at the British Library: http://www.flickr.co/photos/37412030@N07/sets/72157622417096871/

The unveiling was timed to coincide with the UK National Poetry Day Live (or live). The project is in celebration of the Poetry Society's centenary.

More poems that engage knitting are posted at The Poetry Society

Wednesday, October 14

The yarn room is a kitten refuge

A new colony has come to light in a different alley - luckily another member of HPC will take the lead on the TNR, TNfoster, and ongoing feeding. I visited for a training session on Monday and came away with two cats:

Celia, who is a boy - but see that eyebrow???

And Terry - a small girl kitten, one of a litter of three, but a family of four.

I returned tonight to catch the other kittens. Celia stuck around for the grub:

Ronnie and Magee cooperated. Here is Ronnie on his way in.

The third littermate, Moggy, did just about everything except walk in the trap - you can see the reflection from his eyes watching Ronnie. Moggy is on his own tonight but I have a feeling will be interested in a new situation tomorrow. Especially if I am more assertive about removing the food someone very nicely placed on the paper plate.

There is plenty of room for another kitten under the bed:

Wednesday, October 7

Knitting alert

We interrupt our regularly scheduled knitting with an important announcement:

afghans 4 Afghans has access to a container headed to Asia around the end of October/beginning of Nov. We have an all-out assault on the impending cold with the 2009 Youth Campaign in Time for This Winter.


the start of one seamless raglan, high-necked sweater, size 12, hopefully big enough for the larger youth of the area:

Afghans like color, by golly, they got color. I bought this yarn specifically for a a4A project; I just thought it would be a seafoam-like afghan. The yarn knew otherwise.

Onward -

Monday, October 5


If the first rule of knitting is always make a swatch, what is the second rule? Read the pattern! I am reading the Clapotis pattern as I go -

cast on, knit some, increase here and there, place marker.

The most exciting section is when you get to drop a stitch to the bottom to make the fabulous open work:

After doing this the first time, you do it 12 more times.

That makes 13 open stripes.

euwww - I am not 13-phobic, I'm not superstitious. I don't think people involved with the #13 have a hex on their lives, but I don't go out of my way to find 13 - I didn't get married on the 13th, none of my children were born on the 13th (OK, turns out not to be within my control), I wouldn't want to live on the 13th floor, although I scoff at elevators without a stop on the 13th floor - I just can't knit a pattern that counts the number 13 as a big part of the picture. Taboo.

I brought my knitting to the student talks today and when I explained my problem to Pam, who already seemed aware of the glitch, solutions were at the ready. Final answer - skip the middle dropped stitch - knit right over it, and have an extra wide bit of knitting before resuming dropping the stitch at repeat 7/8. There ya go -

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