Wednesday, October 14

The yarn room is a kitten refuge

A new colony has come to light in a different alley - luckily another member of HPC will take the lead on the TNR, TNfoster, and ongoing feeding. I visited for a training session on Monday and came away with two cats:

Celia, who is a boy - but see that eyebrow???

And Terry - a small girl kitten, one of a litter of three, but a family of four.

I returned tonight to catch the other kittens. Celia stuck around for the grub:

Ronnie and Magee cooperated. Here is Ronnie on his way in.

The third littermate, Moggy, did just about everything except walk in the trap - you can see the reflection from his eyes watching Ronnie. Moggy is on his own tonight but I have a feeling will be interested in a new situation tomorrow. Especially if I am more assertive about removing the food someone very nicely placed on the paper plate.

There is plenty of room for another kitten under the bed:

bahhhhhh so cuuuute!!!! how long will they be there?!?! must. play. with. tiny. kittens!!!!
But you are not keeping them?
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