Sunday, November 27

A knitting travelogue

Knit knit knit
Knit knit knit
Knit knit knit

All I want to do is knit. Forget the dishes, shopping, cooking. I'll still sleep, bathe, and scoop the cat boxes. But once the essentials are addressed, just let me knit. I'm not so far gone that I want to knit while walking but I admit that I walk to work listening to the KnitPicks podcast, walk home listening to the KnitPicks podcast. I occasionally work out listening to the KnitPicks podcast.

I meant to catch you up on my summer:

After the Midwest Fiber Festival, I went to Boston for work where I watched a peculiar rush hour. My first picture had a bad glare from the window but trust me, the Charles River was clogged with little sailboats heading away from the city at the end of the work day.

I can't remember what I knit in Boston. I was happy to have my little knit scarves though because the air conditioning worked extremely well.

I endured until I got ready to go to Minneapolis for the Knit and Crochet Show. Far away, overnight, destination knitting. Megabus, $36 round trip. DH went farther north for a solo hike in 95-degree weather. I stayed with my BFF April at the Minneapolis Hyatt and helped celebrate her DD#1 16th birthday. We met Penny Sitler:

I took classes on entrelac (Gwen Bortner) and double-knitting (Melissa Leapman) - wonderful teachers, great pace, very interesting techniques. Did a little shopping

(Woodland Path shawl, Ivy Brambles - picture this in a red)

In these close confines, April infected me with her shawl fever. I cast-on in the hotel room, knit away on the bus, then finished this

Souvenir cashmere yarn from Lakeside Fibers in Madison, WI that I have hoarded since 2008. April copied a pattern from her library book but I bought the book by Martha Waterman - Fishtail Half-circle shawl. I was on vacation, I had money to burn. Now it's next to my bed and I read it before I go to sleep.

That's July and August.

I celebrated my birthday in Sept with a visit from DD#2 and the MIL. The whole family was together at DD#1's restaurant and then some of us went on the river tour. Definitely worth the 25-year wait.

There was a breeze on the river and when we got to the lake end, we were chilly. Autumn in Chicago can be warm, cool, chilly, rainy but you never know what, when. I was inspired to knit a sweater:

This is the best thing I have ever knit. I followed the instructions as written, just adjusted for length. Even when the sleeve cap seemed too pointy and long, I did as I was told. The sweater fits like a glove (that I didn't make) and I wore it every day the first week. Now I wear it when I need comfort or want to feel confident.

Augusta cardigan, New England Knits. Peace Fleece. Zarya Fog. Souvenir yarn from Brooklyn General Store.

I could knit this again. The only modification I would make is there should be just 3 buttonholes. This is more like a v-neck sweater so there shouldn't be the top button above the curve.

Next time will be occasion knitting. Christmas is coming but there have been occasions for knitting all year.

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