Monday, October 5


If the first rule of knitting is always make a swatch, what is the second rule? Read the pattern! I am reading the Clapotis pattern as I go -

cast on, knit some, increase here and there, place marker.

The most exciting section is when you get to drop a stitch to the bottom to make the fabulous open work:

After doing this the first time, you do it 12 more times.

That makes 13 open stripes.

euwww - I am not 13-phobic, I'm not superstitious. I don't think people involved with the #13 have a hex on their lives, but I don't go out of my way to find 13 - I didn't get married on the 13th, none of my children were born on the 13th (OK, turns out not to be within my control), I wouldn't want to live on the 13th floor, although I scoff at elevators without a stop on the 13th floor - I just can't knit a pattern that counts the number 13 as a big part of the picture. Taboo.

I brought my knitting to the student talks today and when I explained my problem to Pam, who already seemed aware of the glitch, solutions were at the ready. Final answer - skip the middle dropped stitch - knit right over it, and have an extra wide bit of knitting before resuming dropping the stitch at repeat 7/8. There ya go -

I was totally unaware of the problem, but I'm getting married on Sunday. I'm very difficult to phase right now. ;-)
I feel less than sympathetic, what with having a child born on Friday the 13th. Triskaidekaphilia?
But I was born on the 13th! Wait, that may explain so much....
13 is my lucky number, silly momma. you are blogging a lot these days!
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