Thursday, February 7

A small diversion

I have wanted to make this sweater for awhile.

I first heard of the pattern during Wendy's Summer of Socks. At some point she took a break and made an adult-sized pinwheel sweater. A picture of the sweater with the free pattern by Elann is here. The sweater is made in one piece, which satisfies the prime directive. I added a simple crochet trim. The child's size should span infancy to toddlerdom, great economy for the time it takes to knit (all of Saturday and Sunday), but I made this little jewel with Plymouth Encore DK which did not match gauge. This sweater will fit baby Margaret through the summer I hope, an improvement on the original sweater I made for her last spring which was outgrown before I returned to assembling it. I plan to attach the second sleeve and give this original sweater to a new mother whose baby was born last weekend.

This little pinwheel sweater was a small diversion from my main project: the Bog Jacket knit from the top down. I ran into a problem connecting the arms and body so I have decided to knit the two parts separately. As I might run out of yarn, I plan to attach the two pieces in sort of an i-cord seam. We will see.

What a cool sweater and great red color! Does it come in grown up sizes?
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