Tuesday, December 4

Gifts retroactively

I am a bad gift giver. I made Peggy socks one year and after that I just couldn't muster the energy - another year I made shortbread. She doesn't celebrate Christmas but she is always very good about giving presents. This year I am celebrating Hanukkah for her.

Picture the yarn as ballband warshrags. A vivid pink/pink sherbet combo and another in maroon, variegated blue with a dash of sunshine. That was the present today.

Day 2 - 4: a felted oven mitt in tribute to Da Bears, potholders from the STA Holiday Expo, socks that I made coincidentally on two circulars (I mean at the same time, not as it happens). Julie made the ornaments for the holiday expo. I priced them very reasonably and bought two. April bought one also. I'm not giving the ornaments as Hanukkah gifts.

I know there are 8 days. I have mittens on my list. Two more days are Saturday/Sunday. I'm thinking some baked goods to take along - but I really like this box.

Day 8 has to be the menorah pillow. That's the albatross around my neck. I need to find a pillow form, fabric for the back, and the time/energy to sew it up. I think the best present is supposed to be first. As I'm not a card-carrying Jew, I'm saving the best for last. This way I have more time to procrastinate. As if 2 years hasn't been enough.

You finished the Menorah pillow? The one from Holiday Knits?

Well, I mean, finished the knitting, anyway.
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