Saturday, December 8

The menorah pillow!

I have to post this before it becomes Hanukkah present #8:


and deconstructed:

Three-needle bind-off on the top:

Which was tedious so I soon moved on to a crochet hook:

And what to do about all these ends - you know, the ends are invisible when the pillow is all put together.

Final step:

There are 4 buttonholes on the back. Do I conquer I-cord to make the knots that are in the directions,

go through my heirloom tin of buttons. The pillow cover is machine-washable but not if I put use these old buttons.

or go with new buttons.


Menorah pillow, Handknit Holidays produced by Melanie Falick, made in Heirloom, shade 725, by Australian Yarn Company, purchased from The Yarn Exchange, DeKalb IL.

Edited to add: I found reference to not finishing this pillow in time for gift-giving the previous year all the way to the bottom of this archive. Obviously this has been on my mind.

Beautiful! Just beautiful.
You DID it!!! It looks just wonderful; all good things come to those who wait. I am so proud of you!
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