Thursday, December 13

And one stocking at the mantel

Two of the daughters don't want a Christmas tree this year. We are a bit cramped but we always managed before. As DD#2 isn't home with a boyfriend to put it all together, I will accede to no tree this year. I could have put these ornaments on it:

Some Christmas Fiddle Faddle done in cotton thread, some snowflakes from Knitted Snowflakes (Jeanette Crews Designs).

But I can still decorate:

At my office:

On the door:

At the window:

And I will put one stocking on the mantel:

So that means Santa Claus won't have much to fill this year.

The stocking looks monogram...ALL the letters! After Christmas you will be glad to have minimal to store away for next year.
The girls don't want a tree?!?
So the lack of tree is why you won't let santa give me a crapload of candy?? :( fine. It isn't my fault the tree is a pain to put up and take down, and that you killed the ficus so we can't decorate it.
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