Sunday, December 14

Knitting on the Christmas tree

This is as much of a tree that the family will let me have. If I wasn't getting the full 7' of tree, I hesitate to get out all the boxes of ornaments from the hall closet. They are piled high and come out in a carefully considered manner. On the tree are those ornaments lying around the house, including, not because I missed them in the packing up last year but because I ordered them in Oct, is the full set of Franklin Habit ornaments. They seem to be sold-out on so wait to see what he comes up with for the 2009 version -

The red and gold balls are some of the ornaments that Julie made this year. From clear balls to opulence. I just love them.

With such a small tree, I guess my job is easy. There is not much room for presents underneath.

I too love Julie's ornaments and still hang them on my tree....they are awesome....still am in awe of your stockings!
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