Monday, December 29

My new year's resolution

I resolve to knit more in 2009. No, I resolve to finish more in 2009. That might reduce the number of bags and baskets in the living room.

And bags, baskets, and boxes in the bedroom.

The corollary is that I have to start fewer projects. And buy less yarn.

Projects listed under "Und Yarnerbits 2008" that will carry over into 2009 will be

Fireside Stocking: the bloom fell off the rose as Christmas drew nearer and other projects took my time. I finished the Jerry stocking by Christmas #2 so I feel like I haven't missed any deadline.

Yank: seems to be living up to its burly name and developed some biceps. Although they are sewn in, I can see I need to rip, tink, and then knit again with a smaller needle. I am a little worried that I underestimated my size, given that Ann made a large but sure is smaller than me.

Liberty afghan: I'm afraid this is such a pile of yarn that I have to clear out other piles before it can move to the front. In the meantime, I manage a row or two occasionally before going to bed. It currently resides behind the bedroom door. DH found the behind the door stash about a month ago (a paltry 3 bags full).

Tree of Life afghan: faces a hard high school graduation deadline of late May. I just need to knit the border and attach it. This project will be joined by another high school graduation afghan that so far is only in my head.

My fall back plan is that if DD#3 goes to college, I can store/hide the piles in another closet.

Laundry hampers also hold lots of yarn....
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