Tuesday, March 3

The high school afghans

When DD#1 graduated, she had a couple of good friends throughout high school that I felt needed an afghan for college. This was in 2003 and I might not have been knitting again. I'm pretty sure I crocheted the afghans. All of the group have graduated and two (women) are back in the area. DD#1 has seen at least one afghan in the grown-up apartment.

DD#2 had a boyfriend - he also got a crocheted afghan that I featured on this blog. She let her other good friends fall away.

DD#3 did not want me to make felted slippers for a good friend who graduated last year. I thought she might not want me to make an afghan for friends who will graduate with her this year so I made plans to make an afghan for cousin Katie - the Tree of Life Afghan was done to this stage probably last fall - it's pretty far down the 2008 list in the right bar. That's planning! I don't know when the Northeastern school district graduates but I have to believe I'm ahead of the game.

I need to knit an edging of tulip buds/leaves. On paper this seems interminable so I have put it off until last week. I won't be able to memorize the pattern but there is a certain intuitive feel as the pattern comes to a point so it moves pretty quickly.

Then I decided DD#3 does not get to choose whether or not her friend gets an afghan. EZ created a pattern that might turn out OK - sure, there is definitely assembly but I've modified this to a three-needle bind-off. There will be a multitude of ends to weave in - what you see in the picture below are strings of cotton holding the stitches until I mate another square. I picked a washable wool in a color combination in reality (eggplant and plum) that I like - DD#3 thinks Camilla will like it as well.

I will try to remember to take final (better) photos before they are wrapped and given away.

Yea! I love the border for the Tree of Life afghan...cousin Katie should be thrilled. The "friend" afghan is really pretty too...the girls' friends are soooo lucky and don't even realize it yet!
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