Tuesday, July 4

More winter knitting in the summer

I am spending every federal holiday this summer knitting in the Norwegian style. Memorial day: twined knitting. July 4th: Norwegian sweater.

This has been fun. I have always been daunted by the thought of knitting with two colors. My mistake was thinking of this as two strands of yarn. Not so! Same yarn just two strands. Sounds like I just said the same thing but I didn't - you have to make the picture, not knit the two strands of yarn. You might want to sit back and think about this awhile.

Twined knitting helped me with this. And a great book called Scandinavian Knitting from the public library. I spent my eBay money on books that I thought were the right source but those books were not so helpful. Full of description of the type of knitting from different parts of Europe but none of the books I bought described and showed me the technique. Twined knitting is from the Scandinavian area - two strands of yarn of the same color which create a thick reinforced garment, hat, mitten, to fight that northerly cold. How different is that from two-color knitting? The interest isn't in the texture but in the color combinations. Patterns are as traditional as Aran patterns with a little more record of origin, maybe - if the books I read are to be believed - and have many of the same regional importance. The little sweater I am practicing on does not have any traditional patterns but hopefully will give me an idea of how it all ends up.

I already bought yarn for the next generation:

I've been trying to find words for days, despite the color choice (I know, I know. I don't handle pink well. That and orange). I am absolutely kerflummoxed by the parade of little people. (This a good thing.)

Oh! I know! It's patriotic knitting because it's a parade on the 4th!
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