Monday, August 7

Generations of confunded charms

I have been confunded by family bitterness - children, sisters - so all I have done is knit and read Harry Potter:

That's the Mason-Dixon warshrag, courtesy of Julie's investment in the book. The purple varigation forms almost a 90* angle through that front dishcloth - very nice, I think. I am thinking of a very clean friend to get the third cloth I am making.

But before all that madness, Julie and I, can you guess:

There is further proof of our exploits at the Yarn Harlot's page. Julie and I pondered the improbability that there were no Hyde Parkers at this event in Beverly when the TWO WOMEN IN FRONT OF US turned and asked if we were from Hyde Park after hearing Julie mention "the #6." Those who need to know will know what that means.

Whoa! Mentioned by name in a knitting blog. There are my Andy Warhol minutes.
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