Wednesday, August 30

Knitting progress

I am on vacation for 2 weeks. Part of the time I went camping:

I know that horrifies some of my more civilized friends. But when camping there are only 3 demands - food, shelter, and warmth. We got them covered.

I also have been knitting. Here is Icarus:

But then I was painting. I don't have any pictures of the progress, just the muscle aches. More when we move the furniture in.

While I let the paint dry, I picked up my copy of Maggie's Ireland. This is a beautiful book that I saw at the Stitches Market (alas, $40) then went searching for online and found it for $7. Sorry, until we divest ourselves from the post-secondary education market, there will be severe investment restrictions. I thought at first this book would be a fun walk down memory lane, because the setting is Northern Ireland, where we have lived and visited. The cover is the Carrick-a-Rede bridge where my sister posed for about the same picture (if only I could scan!). The knitted garments are a version of haute couture - nothing a process knitter wants to work because they are artistic. But as I slowly picked through the book, I found a hat:

I decided to use some very special hand-spun that I found in the DuPont Square farmer's market when I was in DC last fall.

Now I need a new coat.

Oh, my. And you think I should try Icarus?!?! After what you've gone through?

I suppose you're going to say the campsite wasn't computer friendly and that's why it took you forever to post? (Although they were worth wating for.)
I'm not sure how I found your other blog either :) A lot of times I just go from blog to blog and if I leave a comment I may go to a blog of another person who left a comment or whatever and I never remember how I found that blog in the end :) I want to knit Icarus myself. Good luck on yours :)
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