Friday, August 11

Laceweight yarn is thread! The yarn is beautiful and soft as it's sitting in the baskets in the booth but then you get it home, put it on the whirlygig - and it turns into thread!

I bought 2 skeins at the Stitches Midwest Market. This is how 1325 yards of Superlamb in Mallard looks before winding into a ball:

I finished at 8:20am today. Ha!

But there was some entertainment along the way:

can I PLEASE have that kitty????

My friend Julie who is also living in Bart Villa got two kittens this week. One is a murphy cat Maine Coon. So pretty and sweet.

Ok, back to packing.
Just goes to show. We think we've got cool knitting thingies, and really they're just cat toys.
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