Friday, September 1

Yarn is falling out of everywhere

I feel like I should write this in the language of knitting, so my family won't understand what I'm writing, but I have to say, it's happening again. I am finding an embarrassment of yarn, as we switch bedrooms. I don't know where to put it all.

I took a picture of my "storage unit" but then decided it was too messy to post. I even deleted it from the camera. There is not a picture with this blog; having a picture of all the yarn would be like those news stories of the families who haven't cleaned in a couple months and the children are removed by the authorities to live with relatives.

As I took my sweaters off the shelves to put on the new closet shelves, I found bags of yarn that I remember buying, but had forgotten I have - the skeins of yarn I bought in Forest Park to knit a baby sweater. Then there is the bag hanging on the hook which contains the rambling rows afghan which will always be a longterm project. I easily secreted the bag of sock projects and yarn that has been hanging on the doorknob in the sock yarn bin. But taking the soft-sided luggage off the bin, I found a lot bag of yarn - you know, the plastic bag of yarn that holds the industry standard lot of yarn? I am relieved that this is a lot of 8 (not 12). I bought the yarn for the aran sweater that I swear I WILL do.

We have 3 lockers in the basement. I could put the yarn in the basement. But I think my immunization has to be to see the piles of yet-to-be-knitted yarn so I am not tempted to buy more. And I can't claim the skeins of yarn are really kittens because we have too many of the purring, shedding critters as well.

But did I mention that I am online watching my auctions of sportsweight Lion Brand yarn? I want the contrasting colors to use with the purple that I already have.

Yes! She posts again thus saving her spot on the top of my sidebar list! AND she doesn't get her label changed to "She who had better start posting or she's going to the bottom of the list. She has been warned!"

No picture of your stash? Although that's a great description. Is an intervention necessary?

I have a long way to go on stash enhancement, since I can see all of mine in the baskets by my desk. Oh yeah, and the boxes in the dining room. So many yarn stores, so little time.
crazy lady.
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