Wednesday, October 4

Casting on for home

I cast on for this project while driving home. Not when I was driving but when I was stopped. There is a train crossing and many many stop lights between my last stop and home. The gates were going down just as I turned onto 55th St. A few seconds later and I could have taken I-55. Annoyed, I cursed my luck. But the bag from the yarn store was in the front, with the needles I brought along, thinking I could do some knitting at the store - I decided to cast on. When I would rather it not be, this was a short train, hardly any cars at all. I only got 10 stitches on the needles. Continuing on east to home, at every stop light, all of which turned out to be so short, I cast on a couple stitches. The average stoplight was only about 3 stitches. Unbelievable! These lights are interminable any other time! I got a couple more out of the lights with left-turn arrows. By the time I got home, I got about 1/2 the stitches done. A very fruitful drive home.

This pattern, the moss stitch linen hand towel in Mason Dixon Knitting is very interesting. Looking at the picture you see a border of seed stitch with a design of boxes separated by stockinette. If I were to lift this pattern from just seeing the finished product, that is how I would remember it. But the pattern is very noncommittal - the pattern gives row by row instructions, instead of the big picture. A number of purl and knit combinations that do not indicate at all that you are creating a box. Purl 3 k1, p7. These instructions take you through the whole row without telling you where you are going. I like a map. I might have converted myself to knitting by chart -

Some of the grammar in this post made my head hurt...It's really hot here! I wish it would storm.
You know, a chart would be a good idea. Make a copy for me. I still mostly like my knitting in English, but I got lost a lot in this project. It's the main reason I haven't made a second, even though I like the way the towel looks.

What yarn are you using?
This could be a great new way of giving directions--Turn left, drive for 2 rows, make a right, and 13 purls there will be a dirt road--turn onto it and go for 22 knits and you're here.
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