Tuesday, October 31

Math is relevant

If only I remembered the formula - I could have knit the outer rings for the Circle of Fun rug with confidence:

Smarty pants DD#2 could tell me.

This turned out to be a very enjoyable project. The middle section is worked in one piece because the wedges are done in short rows, without the last stitch wrapped and then the last section is sewn to the first section to complete the pie. The first outer ring is narrow - even though the directions advise putting aside 3 years to finish the length, the needles are big, the yarn is doubled and bam! You think you are done.

The final outer ring is a little more tedious because you are facing that common syndrome: are we home yet???

I underestimated again the length I needed to knit but decided to sew it all up anyway - that gave me the feeling that I was finishing the project.

An important tip is that you should sew up the rug using the yarn color that you have the most of. Then when you have to finish knitting both rings, knitting from both ends of the incredibly shrinking ball, the idea won't flit across your mind that you just might have to take out the binding stitches to get enough of the right color.

For the second rug I plan to pick up all the stitches around the pie and knit the trim on, like a shawl. Then I will pick up the stitches of that ring and knit on the wider outer ring. If that's too hard, I'm going to try to learn how to knit backwards. We shall see.

April: Charlie wants you to see those curtains I was telling you about:

In case I didn't say so yesterday - is beautiful!
Smarty pants soon to be college grad DD#1 could tell you too, dear mother. I did, after all, score the highest in math on my most recent standardized test. And I did teach math for a bit :P
This rug is beautiful. I came over from MDkal to see what you had to say about the process. When I start mine, I may have questions...and again, what yarn did you use? Thanks a bunch!
I am so impressed with the rug and curtains too! See, I am compelled to leave a comment now that I am mentioned by name :)
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