Wednesday, October 11

One blackout, three nights and four soccer games

That's how long it takes to get this far on the circle of fun rug. I finished the pie section while the Storm beat one of the blond suburban teams on Friday night. The pattern is very easy and intuitive. Really. You might see that I eschewed M/D's advise to carry the other yarn around the worked section. I would rather hide away small bits of yarn than lug around 2 more tangling skeins.

I started the first round of trim when the team beat the 2nd team on Saturday morning and continued on through the Saturday night game and finally the Sunday morning championship game. Please know that I only knit during warm-ups and half-time. The instructions warned that this round could take 3 years. The knitting is tedious but only 10 stitches back and forth in garter stitch and the color combination keeps me surprised. I tried knitting backwards but that might have to wait until I am sitting under the bright lights with the book in my lap. I'm not quite done but better than knitting too far and ripping out. Such wasted energy.

After 5 years of knitting I will be done with the outer ring and will assemble. Hopefully the table will have a cleared spot by the time that happens.

And do you see the cutest kitten ever? He spends a lot of time on this perch, the OED blocking the opening that Charlie made, enabling him to break out near the air conditioner. Scottie thinks if he is up high like that then those darned fleas won't find him. As soon as the radiators come on I'm going to give him another bath.


I miss him. And home. :(

Okay, so you're double stranding Plymouth Encore? A solid and a tweed? I'm so impressed.

I felt too intimidated to try this for Clare, but now, maybe I'll look again. All those grocery bags to fill . . .
I got to play with a Russian blue kitty on Friday and four, count 'em, four three-week-old kittens and their mommy last night. I had a horrible weekend :( but the kitties were lovely.
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