Thursday, October 5

What did I do when the lights went out?

I worked on this:

crazy circle of fun in the dark. I had just started this, 2 pieces of the pie into the rug. Quick user feedback, progresses nicely - am I doing short-row? Then the TV blinked, I looked up, and it was dark. Julie is right - dark in the city is DARK. We keep our flashlights a little handier but we have more obstacles in the way, as we have still not finished reorganizing. Box, vacuum cleaner, ladder - ah! flashlight. Couldn't find my wristwatch. DH knew where the size D batteries were lurking in the pantry so we had news. Still da Bears -

Tuesday evening when we were still in the dark, however - I found all the tapers (resisted using the Baptism candle) and lit them as well as a couple of the 50 or so tea lights still left from my IKEA bag of 100. By romantic glow, I added more pieces of the pie. DH and DD#3 had gone to Regenstein for the wattage and computer power.

I woke up on Wed morning to the blinking of the CD clock radio. Back to the real world.

Oh, good blogger! Goooood blogger. Posts close together. Now, like one of Pavlov's dogs, I'll keep checking daily.

Clare wants the rug in kind of deep reds and sage and gold. This means you must post progress.
Haaaahaaaaa, you didn't have pooooower!
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