Monday, February 5

After much pain there is a scarf

I haven’t posted since early January because I have been in pain. 13” in 6 days plus all the Christmas knitting and creating this pile of paper in two months:

did in my right elbow. You see one original, 5 copies, 5 copies of the appendices, and 2 office copies of the training grant competing renewal. Pain in the morning, pain in the evening, pain all the time in between.

Through the miracles of modern medicine, physical therapy with Rene, and these aids

I can raise my arm, carry a load and knit to my heart’s content. It helps to use the elbow band which apparently redistributes the pressure on my tendon, do my exercises, and not have to produce 420 pages of records for my job.

But more interestingly, I finished a scarf. This was inspired by Julie, who created a similar one in fancier yarn for the Red Scarf project. You can see the original yarn in this post and if you double click on the 3rd photo, the final version, fluid and beautiful, is wrapped in a red bow. I thought I might make this for DD#2 whose birthday was Jan 3. But, see above. I finished this scarf as the Super Bowl was winding down. Alas.

Yarn: Cleckheaton Country 8 ply in navy, light blue, taupe and light green from Loopy Yarns, Chicago
Needle: started on straight size 8 but finished on circular size 8. If I were to make it again, I might use size 10.
Cast on 214, using a background color throughout, change accent color at the end of each row, leaving some at the beginning for fringe and cutting it long at the other end to make complementary fringe. Double the background color over itself for the desired length of fringe and pick up the new accent color, leaving a bit for the fringe. The yarn change is tedious but this annoyance is minor, compared to perhaps never knitting again.

Ow! Just looking at all that paperwork makes my arms ache. Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone went to electronic submissions?
You think my scarf was "fluid and beautiful?" I think that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about my knitting. Thank you.
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