Monday, February 12

Decreases increase the knitting

Blogger ate the comment I was trying to leave on Julie's blog so I thought if I had to re-write what I had to say, I would post it on my blog. Julie has the perfect example of The Perfect Sweater posted, BTW.

Here is my Dale of Norway sweater:

First serious effort at colorwork and I am once again defeated by math. If I had shown you a picture of my progress on Saturday, there would have been much more yoke. The original version had 1/2 as many decreases as there should have been. I think I am supposed to decrease at the yoke edge (purl one stitch) and then decrease at the sleeve edge. Four times total, every other row. This sweater is worked right to left, clockwise. In the end, I should have 120+ fewer stitches over 8.25 inches called for in the directions at the time to cast-off for the neck. Math. What's a knitting project if there isn't lots of ripping out and re-knitting?

In the meantime, I am also working on the EZ Moccasin socks for the boyfriend. I think I am making each differently. Another decrease issue at the heel:

Decrease on the knit row or does "work back" mean to decrease in the purl row too? I am not going to frog the sock that seems wrong. But I will commit to fixing the "weave in" which is the last step to close up the bottom. I don't think there is supposed to be a ridge of yarn shooting through the bottom.

Ooooo! Now that's Knitting (note the capital K).

I have an empty hour and a half on campus Friday. Coffee?
The sweater is beautiful! The boyfriend is not worthy of socks, just us!
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