Monday, March 12

Good to go other places

I have been using my blog lately as a portal - clicking on my own links to read Dances With Wool, the Yarn Harlot, check to see if classes are up for Stitches Midwest or the Michigan Fiber Festival. And then I click on Julie's page hoping to see something new and interesting that she has done. While on Julie's page, I click over to Mason-Dixon and Zimmermania.

Not many photos of knitting being taken here.

But I have been knitting. I started this scarf on my day trip to Pittsburgh.

Homespun, size 13 wooden needles, kpkpkp to the end, repeat until the skein runs out. The scarf was sadly too short so I bought another skein. Smacked in the face by another knitting truth: Lion Brand Homespun has dye lots or variations of yarn. I haven't decided what to do with my scarf. Though eminently wrappable au francais mais il y a une probleme. A join line, shall we say.

Anyone with two eyes can see the white and the other white.

Naw. It's just a shadow. (If you say it often enough, people will believe you.)
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