Thursday, March 15

Knock it off

I can look at some handcrafted objects and figure out how to make them - simple things like cross stitch and socks. Who hasn't gone to a crafts fair and decided not to buy something because, "Huh, I could make that." But do we ever?

I am making reversible socks but I don't belong to the Socks That Rock club:

Lorna's Lace, 162 Icehouse, superwash sport weight on size 2 dpns. I had to take the needles out of the stockings I started at Christmas time for DD3 from Handknit Holidays. Maybe next year.

These are for DD1 whose feet really are as big as these socks look. We stopped off at Loopy Yarn for a set of size 8 dpn which were only $3. Who would go to a yarn store and only spend $3?? I couldn't convince DD1 to pick out yarn for a sweater (I know she had flashbacks of her elementary school days when I made her pants but all she would say is "it never fits right" and "I don't want to support your UFO habit"). She changed her mind when she found the handpainted yarn (all wool is 25% for a couple more days).

There are lots of NCAA basketball games over the next couple days (a moment of silence for Bobby Knight's Texas Tech team, please).

Nice almost socks. So. Where's the picture of the hand-painted yarn?
whatev, my feet are perfectly fine. what pants? they must've been so traumatizing that I don't even remember you making them. how about a moment of silence, now, for IU and Texas? Yikes. I stink at brackets.
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