Sunday, March 25

Live action knitting

Maybe I do finish projects, just not ones that I will be wearing.

Above, my own version of reversible socks (knit toe-up with a garter stitch toe and heel and 2-stitch ribbing on the instep, sole and ankle, bind-off using Grandmother's Old Fashioned Purl). Off to DD#1 after I tuck in the ends. She wanted enough over the ankle for a cuff but I don't think I achieved that.

Exhibit #2 is my felted rug. This was an indulgence - I bought the book because this project was on the back cover. I followed all specs, including Brown Sheep Burley Spun wool - even at 25% off at Loopy Yarns, way more than I have ever spent on a single type of yarn.

There is a sad rule about felting - there is no formula to figure out how much shrinkage to expect per size of original knitting. You have to swatch and wash. Err. I didn't do that and the rug turned out fine, except one tiny detail. Perhaps if my pre-felting gauge matched the instructions, I might have been able to squeeze out a second yellow stripe out of the Lamb's Pride - oh well.

A happy rule about felting is that you control the shrinkage - you don't have to run the item all the way through the washer cycle. So hover over your top loader and pull out that wool every so often to make sure your slippers don't shrink to the size of baby booties. I got more shrinkage lengthwise and little width wise. The rug turned out fabulous and is now cushioning my walnut table.

Jeff saw my yarn stash under the living room couch and wondered if I had yarn in the walls...hmmm, hadn't really thought about would be a little like insulation? I love the socks and decided it is probably just as well I am allergic to wool as my yarn stash would be even bigger!
yaaay my socks! too bad it is a tad too warm and/or wet here to wear them :(
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