Tuesday, March 20

When on vacation, I count

I don't have a household inventory. I don't know the serial number of our TV or any of the computers; how many plates we have or the number of books we have (however I am aware of the 11 boxes in the basement in addition to those books on the 8 bookshelves in the apt).

I made a knitting needle inventory on Christmas vacation once. I wrote about it on my first blog but Blogger seems to have deleted the entry. I used a piece of orange copier paper that I have been revising occasionally. I was horrified at the number of needles at that time and so I gave away a big handful of mostly mis-matched pairs to the Pine Ridge Reservation and then sold a good portion on eBay (duplicates of duplicates so I don't think I have replaced them). This time I am transferring my figgerin' from the back of the Columbia DVD club letter to my handy-dandy Knit Kard by Nancy's Knit Knacks.

Do you know how many knitting gadgets there are? That's discussion for another day.

I have discovered that I own at least 79 sets/pairs of needles: double-pointed in metal, bamboo and wood; single-pointed, 10 in and 14 in; circular from my early days when I bought my supplies at Woolworth on through quality and price range to the 47" Addi Turbo size 15 that I am saving for when I learn to do the mobius cast-on (I couldn't follow the directions posted from Cat Bordhi's appearance on Knitty Gritty but after finding this set of instructions, I just might put my investment to use).

I seem to favor size 7. There is a whole row of size 7 circulars, 1 pair of 10" single-point, and two sets of double-points, including the set made in bamboo that I bought at Mary Ann's, in the Hyde Park Bank building in 1993.

I found other favorites - there's the set I bought in Belfast (1989) when I made The Sweater for my husband. I have 3 sets of wooden needles that April sent me. I have a couple sets that I consider vintage needles - there is a set that probably weighs 1lb - heavy duty stainless steel, ready to click through a jumper in utilitarian grey wool to fight off the damp English winters. Some curvy plastic needles, a set of groovy bronzy lucite needles.

Now that I know how many needles I have, I don't feel so bad about how many unfinished projects I have.

Ooooh! You've been playing with Blogger Settings and Layout. Cool. I may get a little inspired myself.
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