Sunday, April 1

Sock redux

I came out of my funk when I remembered I have an interesting project to work on. This started out as a top-down sock. Until I had about 3" left to knit and about 1" worth of yarn. That was last October. I have been meaning to rip it out and work the socks toe up.

Steinback Wolle, Strapaz Cotton Effekt from Sit & Knit (New Buffalo, MI). The label is in German so I can't say what the color way is. Slouch socks from Socks, Socks, Socks modified for toe-up. I start the ribbing when I see the end of the skein.

And here is Lupine - wondering why her charms are not inducing me to put a little snack in her bowl.

she needs a baaaaath.
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