Sunday, April 15

A waking dream

I have many dreams for my knitting - finish all those UFOs, deplete my stash, make an Aran sweater, learn twined knitting. I think I can still wear that green vest I started in 2000 from The Traditional Sweater Book (Madeline Weston) after I rework the button band because I used the next size up needles by mistake. If I make an Aran sweater using the stash of Lion Brand Fisherman WoolEase, that would be one big bag of yarn fewer in the closet.

This morning I discovered that I dream of different knitting - apparently I want to meet Ann Shayne and make a man bag for my husband out of green and white cotton using the ballband warshrag pattern. The Ann Shayne in my dreams had a southern accent but had dark hair cut short, styled in a teased up-do. She and I were talking outside a confessional where a very small young woman was being toyed with by a lap dog. We commented to her that this must happen a lot - being tossed about like a faceless, stuffed squirrel - and she said yes, it's because she is so small. About 18" like an American Girl doll.

My husband came to get me because it was time to go swimming - the pool was in the other half of the building. He was carrying a shoulder bag with his stuff in it. Green and white warshrag pattern with a buttonhole stitched in as part of the pattern.

I don't know what this is telling me. I prefer to keep working on the green guernsey sweater:

Wool Gathering #76. That pattern above the garter stitch is Indian Corn.

My list to the right just got longer.

That, or you need to go to confession. Or maybe swimming.
or maybe all three...AT THE SAME TIME!! muahahaha
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