Thursday, May 24

But you forgot the sock yarn!

I've heard this story before. I sat at the kitchen table imagining Station Master Mike and his buddy putting the suitcase on the bus, taking it off the bus, then putting it back on the bus, every day promising that the suitcase will be with loved ones that night. And Marc driving back and forth between the cabin, the dorm, the bus station, the dorm, and then Fort Ticonderoga because the kids have to have fun too! That was the version I got last summer. Knowing the suitcase was still at Union Station makes me enjoy the story even more today.

I love a lost-luggage story with a happy ending.

I lost a suitcase once but it never came back. Somewhere between Atlanta and Belfast NI (UK), the suitcase we borrowed from the MIL/DM went missing with the camera, the library book, the walkman, new clothes, handmade gifts for our hosts, my prescription. I'm sure the contents were sold for a tidy profit in Alabama; we paid dearly for the loss.

The camera also belonged to the MIL. She didn't hold it against (her son) that it was lost. No, the library book was scholarly from Regenstein. Flat $50 charge. At a time that we could have used the money for groceries. New clothes that cost money but more dear was the time and effort to get DH to buy them. The walkman - OMG - would that never be fully mourned! But mostly in the daily phone calls DH insisted I make from the phone booth at Queens University, to my favorite customer service agent who practically had the suitcase in her sight but couldn't forward it on my say-so. To Europe and back again with my purple dress (and what I bought). We loaded ourselves onto the return plane with many plastic shopping bags that we both declared most emphatically that we would not like to check.

Julie forgot to say she visited Patternworks while she was in NH. At the end of her tale, which made me laugh harder and harder (maybe outloud because I am just that kind of friend), she showed me what she got. I picked out

and got its mate for Christmas

Since I could finish the asymmetrical sweater in one sitting, I was just thinking about starting a pair of socks instead. I will call them "Train to New Hampshire."

Two posts in one month! I am inspirational! Good memory. I, too, remember how hard you laughed. . .
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