Wednesday, May 9

Knitting pictures

I guess no one else is going to update this blog but me so I better take the time. This and that from the past month:

Ballband warshrag - faster than socks, it's easy knitting to do in the museum. Stash Sugar and Cream. I might give it to my MIL on Sunday. It is Mother's Day. My friend April visited last weekend. She paid our way into the Art Institute of Chicago so we could hold a knitting camp in the cafe while DD#3 took notes on some sculpture. I think people were laughing at us. April just needed some encouragement on the increases for the sleeve of her first sweater - it's fabulous. She took possession of the slouch socks on Saturday night. Darn, no picture!

Asymmetrical sweater, Knitting Nature. Quite possibly my favorite project of all time. Stash Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran from Stitches and Scones. I have put it aside in order to take care of some other projects but what fun! Instant feedback what with 4.25 st/inch on size 9. I thought I knew the pattern so I made a couple repeats without looking at the chart only to find I forgot to off-set the hexagons. No matter - it's asymmetrical. This sweater meets my renewed rule that there will be little to no assembly. Each side is knit bottom up, with graduated increases to make the sweaters (horizontally) and then joined at the back of the neck where some stitches are cast-on to join the two halves and then the back is knit top down (so there are just side seams - the cuffs and collar are knit on). I think if I make this sweater again, I will start at the back and then work my way to the bottom of the fronts.

A little crafting for others: crocheted squares in the colors of Virgina Tech to be donated to Mosaic Yarn for blankets to be made for families of the victims of that terrible day.

The best reason in the world to knit: most of the Knitted Sweater and Hat (Leisure Arts booklet) for Amy. Stash Plassard from Chix with Stix. I have known Amy the third longest of all the people I stay in contact with. She gave birth to little baby Margaret on Sunday so I have to finish this up and get it in the mail. With the afghan I made for her when she married John in . . . 2001??

ok, so maaaaybe you can knit me a sweater.
I LOVE my socks, my toes are so happy in their happy yarn. Have front and back of sweater completed and almost done with one sleeve thanks to my knitting camp. Your VA Tech stuff is fun and I love Amy's baby ALMOST makes me want a baby...Naaaa :)
Tag, your it. Mwah-hah-hah-hah.

See today's post for details.
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