Thursday, June 28

I have pictures of knitting

Note the changes to the sidebar!

Exhibit 1: Asymmetrical sweater, finished. My favorite project ever because:

a. the sweater is finished
b. the sweater used stash yarn
c. the sweater is a pattern that is easily memorized
d. the sweater is 98% knit in one piece
e. the sweater is made of nice yarn on big needles
f. the sweater is finished

Pattern: Knitting Nature, Norah Gaughan.

Yarn: Queensland Collection, Kathmandu Aran (merino, silk, cashmere). 12+ skeins (104 yds).

I adjusted the pattern by making the cuffs quite a bit shorter - I didn't think 6" of ribbing would stand the test of time; and correspondingly, I shortened the collar. That was a bit of a mistake, and if I were more of a project knitter, I would fix that, but I can live with this "design element." I might, however, shorten the arms ever so slightly. The sweater is knit in one piece, with the cuffs added on. The other additional knitting and assembly involves the collar and front bands. Ingenious bit of knit engineering. The mother-of-pearl buttons are from the tin of buttons I selected from among my parents' belongings.

And B: one pair of socks. Train to NH - pattern of my own "design" using the toe-up method; basket pattern stitch from The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery. I was going for the train-tracks look, vis a vis the name of the socks. Gift yarn from Julie from Patternworks. This stitch is very cushy and if I were more of a project knitter, when I discovered this, I should have used the stitch on the bottom of the foot.

My favorite socks because, again,

a. the socks are finished
b. the socks are made with precious yarn
c. the socks are finished

While not a fan of orange, the small bits endeared themselves to me as I knit - reminded me of carrot. I also learned to appreciate the stripes of dark brown and cream - put me in mind of a yummy dark chocolate filled with a flavored cream. mmmm

Here's one more:

Woo hoo!

Wait, wait. Where are the pictures? I want to see the NH socks.

Chocolate carrots - so glad I chose that yarn for you.
I love the sweater and the rock!
yaaaaay, my mommy finished two projects and one of them is a sweater!! I was talking with a few friends yesterday and one said that they wished they knew how to cable knit because they love cable sweaters. If you could make one that didn't look boxy, I'd be down for a sweater...especially since I feel like such a teacher, haha!
Okay, that's better. Much better.

Sorry about the orange -- we hadn't been to Stitches yet so I didn't know.
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