Saturday, June 9

I've got pictures of bugs

These are the 17-year cicadas. I remember the last time the swarm emerged.

There has been only tedious knitting going on around here - the neckband/front bands to the asymmetrical sweater and more on the Train to NH sock. The last slog before the project is done. Though not enough for the slog-along.

The neckband/front bands are knit in one piece in the shape of a U. I finished this last night and tried to overlay it for effect and I see that I need to S T R E T C H the heck out of the collar to fit it around the neck. The asymmetrical-ness of the sweater is the double-breasted effect of the right front being about 30% off center. This takes a mind shift putting the collar on so there was two-fold panic - the shape is wrong and the collar isn't long enough. But I kept looking at the picture, measuring everything, checking on the CO. This too will be fudged and will all come together.

I have begun the ankle on sock #1 so now it's straight on to morning until the skein is gone. The stitch combination that I selected for the train-tracks effect is really cushy. If I were a more conscientious knitter, a product knitter, I would have frogged the sock early on and used the stitch all around the foot. Really cushy. But I hate to rip out. I will enjoy the cushion on the top of my foot when I have tied my shoes too tightly.

Last Sunday we were local tourists and went to Beverly to explore the cicadas. Tremendous noise - August cicadas to another magnitude. But the noise wasn't everywhere. Despite where the holes were, the cicadas seemed to gather in certain trees - the pretty flowering trees which are now budding fruit.

Walking down the street was to experience a bit of the Doppler effect.

I really enjoyed this side trip - DD#2 was in town too so it was a family adventure. I tried to buy yarn but My Sister's Knits was closed. We got a treat at Rainbow Cone -

Eww. Big bugs. And you went looking for them.
yum, rainbow cone. that would almost make up for the large insects. almost.
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