Tuesday, July 31

Recuperating with wool

Now I have a summer cold so I am sitting in my dining room, working away at my pile of UFOs to the tune of The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog (Elizabeth Peters). I had to drag myself to work yesterday because the secretary had already made plans not to be in the office and someone had to sign off on the pizza guy's tip for his delivery to the student talks! Job security doncha know.

I have been working on some Norwegian mittens:

but I needed to have something a little less complicated so I began and finished a scarf in sand stitch - I compulsively made tick marks on a notepad for each row so I got the purl/knit order right the first time -

over 16 stitches on size 15 needles. Not long enough for the ooh la la flip but I think will be nice and warm when I need it.

I bought this yarn at Knitter's Niche (Belmont/Southport) at the same time as the yarn I am using for the mittens. The owner couldn't believe I was thinking winter gear in July so I let her in on my little secret that I was bored to death with my sweaters.

Love the mitten. Will it be a pair someday?

My comment verification isn't nearly as fun as yours was.
that porch looks totally foreign to me, maybe it is the table and bright flash? Those are some nice looking winter accessories.
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