Wednesday, November 7

Joy in the little things

I have taken a liking to the small things in life.

Flowers on a wall,

kelp washing ashore,

blue sky over Mission San Diego de Alcala. Sure.

Whipped out these little stockings in the same night after the Christmas bazaar lady asked me if I can make Christmas ornaments.

My BSJ, tomten, teddy bears and mystery square afghan won't be enough??

This little purse, by InKnitiative in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride, was a reward to myself for putting together the retreat in September. Worked exactly as expected at the SfN reception last week.

Hung it over my wrist to hold my cell phone, wallet and hotel keycard. Last year I hid my backpack with wallet under the projector table and someone pilfered $15. Thieving neuroscientist!

Knitting your Blue Period, are you?
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