Saturday, November 24

Knitting retreat

We spent Thanksgiving at my sister's house with her in-laws. This was all well and good - Derek was home on his way to a posting in Seoul, South Korea; Katie brought Talon over after a while; Larry was really happy to see Claudia's sister. The others were very quiet and we ate dinner.

Then the home movies began. For instance Christmas 1991. This is the pre-Claudia era which showed me the genetics of Katie (her mother, the ex) and how Jordan has really come out of her shell - the family cackled at her pre-k/kindergarten assembly where her teacher pulled her out of the chorus after she started sobbing. Cody used to be blond and Derek can really hustle up the basketball court.

I found my knitting bag and started the stocking:

There is exactly 1 mistake in each repeat. KnitPicks Fingering Weight, Ivy, Cream and Red. Very nice yarn.

Ah, but is it the same mistake?
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